Living the Creative Life

Leigh Medeiros

Leigh Medeiros

Stop by to read my interview with the inspiring Leigh Medeiros, of Leigh is an artist, writer, filmmaker, business woman and teacher.  Here’s part of her answer when I asked her about the “starving artist” archetype.

We need to redefine the role of artist in our culture and restore its standing to a place of reverence and power. To young people starting out in the arts — or any artist, really — I say don’t give your power away. Don’t buy into the brainwashing around art being a luxury, or artists being flaky dreamers. Focus on what you’re devoted to, but find ways to do it that are sustainable. Band together and create community around you. Make friends with money and know that it’s your greatest fuel. Let yourself receive abundance so you can make more artwork. Don’t waste your life trying to make ends meet when the world needs you to be shining your creative light. And, mostly, find a way to tap into your inner confidence and stay in your strength.

Read the rest of the interview here and follow along for updates and more interviews with Ordinary Women (doing Extraordinary Things).



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