What is the Go Play Project?

It’s your plan to add creative play to your life.

How did it start?

In 2012 I made a commitment to record (in my living room with my ZoomH2) and upload (to SoundCloud) one piece each week. By setting these weekly deadlines, my goal was to overcome my tendency towards procrastination and perfectionism. I called it my “Go Play Project 2012.”

I realized that by doing that “one thing” intensively, and by putting it out there for anyone to hear, it eventually became fun. Sure, sometimes it was messy, not one of the performances was perfect. But I found that I was able to recapture some of that childlike playfulness and spontaneity that disappears as we get older.

My goal now is to apply this same technique to other areas of creativity. Writing for sure. And even drawing. Care to join me? Jump in any time.

Can I join in?

Yes! Here’s what you do:

Choose your creative outlet.

Produce one finished product every day for a month, once a week for a year. You decide.

Share it here.

Then get fearless and share it EVERYWHERE.

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